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Merz unveils Mederma Spezial supplements, topicals

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Mederma Spezial lineup

RALEIGH, N.C. — Merz North America is expanding its Mederma with the launch of Mederma Spezial, a line of dietary supplements and topical products for beauty and skin care.

The products build on the company’s core scar care and stretch mark treatment business, leveraging the foundation that Mederma has built as the No. 1 consumer-, pharmacist- and physician-recommended brand in the category, and its dominant market share. The launch includes three nutritional supplements (Mederma Spezial Hair, Skin and Nails) along with two topical mousse/foam products (Mederma Spezial Collagen Mousse and Mederma Spezial Hyaluron Mousse).

The strategy is to create an “umbrella effect” by leveraging the Mederma brand name, according to Steve Gallopo, senior director of O-T-C at Merz North America. The company has segmented the brand into four product areas: scar improvement, stretch mark improvement, skin health and beauty care/supplements.

“We are very much focused on expanding Mederma to address a wide variety of skin care concerns,” Gallopo says. “We’re looking for unique ways and opportunities to expand our portfolio into growing markets and meet the unmet needs of consumers.”

The new Mederma Spezial line reflects Merz’s understanding of healthy skin through its scar care expertise. “Beauty comes from within as well as externally,” says Gallopo. Mederma Spezial nurtures skin, hair and nails internally, leaving a healthy external appearance.

The products are currently available online at, and they are expected to be in retail stores later this year. “The rapid emergence of the beauty supplement market makes the timing of the rollout ideal,” says Gallopo.

Spezial is already a proven success in Europe, where it has been selling strongly in Germany and the United Kingdom.

“Online sales will create widespread brand awareness in the U.S.,” driving demand for the products once they hit brick-and-mortar retailers, Gallopo says. Amazon, which accounts for a significant piece of Merz’s business, has captured a big share of the health and beauty aids category, he notes. “We do a very robust business with Amazon,” he comments. “We will continue to focus on Amazon as one of our key customers, along with the big five [Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, Target Corp. and Rite Aid Corp.].”

A digital campaign kicking off this month will also increase awareness and demand for these new products:

• Mederma Spezial hair capsules have been designed to support the growth of thick, strong hair. They contain vitamins, micronutrients, L–cystine, paprika extract and a cereal mix to provide hair with building blocks for growth while nourishing it to be thick and strong. Fifty percent of users reported their hair felt denser and thicker.

• Mederma Spezial skin capsules contain a specifically selected combination of ingredients to help support skin’s health and elasticity. They have vitamins, micronutrients, grape seed oil, linseed oil and coenzyme Q10 to help skin stay healthy, firm and elastic. Seven in 10 users reported that their skin felt more elastic, and firmer and more toned.

• Mederma Spezial nail supplements have been designed to provide smooth, healthy and strong fingernails. The product contains vitamins, micronutrients and soy protein to provide the body with the substances it needs to form healthy nails. Users reported faster nail growth and smoother nails.
The two mousse products are “very aesthetically pleasing,” notes Gallopo. Both are rapidly absorbed into the skin as a foam mousse, a form that is typically well received by consumers.

• Mederma Spezial Cream Mousse Hyaluron was developed by scientists to improve hydration and prevent moisture loss. It contains hyaluronic acid, which naturally retains moisture, and aloe juice to help soothe dehydrated skin. Users experienced an increase in skin moisture with an improvement in skin hydration immediately after application.

• Mederma Spezial Cream Mousse Collagen was developed to improve skin texture by providing an immediate lifting effect, enhancing natural collagen production and improving the overall appearance of wrinkles. After two weeks of use skin shows noticeable benefits. The product contains collagen, vitamin C and essential ingredients to help maintain skin’s youthful glow. Pure collagen is absorbed into skin, helping to hydrate and improve the appearance of wrinkles. Vitamin C offers optimal antioxidant protection to help prevent damage from free radicals. One hundred percent of users noticed an immediate benefit. More than three-quarters experienced a rejuvenating effect and reported a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.


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