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Neosanté Health Solutions offers treatment for baby colic

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BOCA RATON, Fla. — Neosanté Health Solutions, manufacturer of Delictase, a lactase enzyme supplement; provides parents with a safe and effective way to battle baby colic by addressing the symptoms, rather than just the resulting gastrointestinal pain.

The Delictase food supplement has just the right amount of lactase enzyme in the form of drops or powder encased within capsules, to help treat digestive disorders like colic caused by transient lactose intolerance in newborns and infants.

“Products like Simethicone, teas and probiotics address the baby’s pain and discomfort caused by the colic, but they don’t act on what is causing it,” João Santos, chief executive officer at Neosanté, said.

Delictase oral drops are meant for newborns suffering from infant colic. The product is said to enhance a proper digestion of lactose by naturally eliminating the cause of colic. It provides an external source of lactase, the enzyme necessary for the correct digestion of lactose.

“The source of lactase used in these drops has proved to be resistant in acidic environments such as the stomach, avoiding the need for product incubation,” Santos said. “In addition, we were able to develop a dosage table based on the baby’s age and quantity of ingested milk to help parents use the correct amount.”

Some of the symptoms that may contribute to baby colic include lactose intolerance, food allergy, intestinal microflora disorders, incorrect feeding technique and psychological factors. Lactose is the main carbohydrate found in breast milk and infant formulas. For this reason, it is important to treat transient lactose intolerance to allow babies to receive the necessary glucose and galactose intake they need in order for their bodies to function and develop properly.

Delictase Oral Drops prevent excessive crying and discomfort for babies suffering from colic, which usually affects as much as 40% of infants between ages six weeks and six months old.

“The product is generally used after the infant colic is detected, not as a preventive product,” Santos said. “However some parents, after using Delictase for the first time, tend to use it on a regular basis, even if the baby doesn’t show evidence of colic associated symptoms to prevent its recurrence. If parents stop product usage, it is most likely that the symptoms will reappear because the source of the colic, lactose, remains.”

Delictase Oral Drops is safe for newborns, doesn’t need incubation before use, and doesn’t need refrigeration. It is manufactured in the European Union, certified with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and it’s currently sold in more than 20 countries located on four continents.

“We are very proud because there are more than half a million happy babies out there using Delictase oral drops,” Santos said.


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