New NACDS ad positions pharmacies on COVID-19 vaccinations

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ARLINGTON, Va. – The National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) has released a new ad that says “it’s time to end this pandemic once and for all” and that “as vaccines become available, pharmacies are prepared to help reopen America.”

The ad notes NACDS’ estimate, based on conservative assumptions, that pharmacies can meet demand for 100 million COVID-19 vaccinations in one month when such supply is available. NACDS emphasizes that 90 percent of Americans live within five miles of a pharmacy. Also, pharmacies have experience in collaborating with public health to help go the extra miles to reach vulnerable Americans with mobile clinics – as has been done for flu vaccinations and in response to natural disasters such as hurricanes.

Focused on the Washington, DC market, the ad complements NACDS’ recommendations to government about how to ramp-up vaccinations. These recommendations continue to gain progress and traction amid the focus on getting existing vaccines to patients’ arms, and preparing for forthcoming vaccine supply.

“This ad serves as a tribute to the trust, accessibility, dedication and heroics of pharmacists and entire pharmacy teams. It also serves as a pledge that pharmacies will continue to be there for all individuals, families, communities and the nation as we look with hope and confidence to these safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines,” said NACDS president and CEO Steven Anderson.

“As the ad states, our message to government decision makers is this: we’re trusted, we’re local, and we’re ready to go.”



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