Nielsen: Retail clinics bring in-store opportunity

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Retailers focusing on health and wellness might want to take a closer look at retail clinic patients, according to a recent retail health care services study by Nielsen.

Of more than 2,200 U.S. adults surveyed by Harris Poll for Nielsen, almost 20% said they’ve visited a retail health clinic in the last 12 months. Yet the study revealed some brow-raising findings for retailers in terms of in-store clinic visitor demographics.

Among households with children, 29% of respondents have visited a retail clinic in the last year, mainly for treatments (56%). But they also more likely than other shoppers to have visited for physical exams and health counseling, Nielsen noted. And while inside the store, 71% made a purchase after their clinic visit, with 45% buying over-the-counter medicine and 40% buying personal care items.

That trend was even greater among Hispanic consumers. Over the past year, 35% of Hispanic shoppers visited a retail clinic for such services as flu shots, health screenings and physicals. Eighty-six percent made a purchase after their clinic visit, with 55% purchasing OTCs and 47% buying personal care products.

Similarly, 26% of Millennial consumers went to a retail clinic in the last year, primarily for treatments (49%), but they also were more likely than other shoppers to have gone to the clinic for health assessments, physicals and counseling. Nielsen said Millennials are nearly twice as likely to buy personal care, food and cleaning supplies during their visit.

As the number of clinics grows — projected by Accenture to reach 2,800 by the end of 2017, up 47% from 2014 — retailers have an opportunity to boost customer spend and loyalty by leveraging clinic interactions to influence what consumers buy in the rest of the store during their visit, Nielsen said.

In the video above, Andrew Mandzy, director of strategic insights for Nielsen’s Health & Wellness Growth & Strategy team, examines in an interview with Nielsen.com editor-in-chief Bill Quinn what consumers are buying and how retailers can tailor their mix to match store demographics and increase their basket size with retail clinic visitors.



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