Omnicell VBM 200F med-pack system aids adherence

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Omnicell Inc. has introduced the VBM 200F automated medication packing system, which both fills and checks its SureMed multi-medication blister cards.

Omnicell VBM 200F med-pack system

Omnicell VBM 200F

By automating several steps of the packing process, the Omnicell VBM 200F reduces manual labor and operating costs and lessens the possibility of human error, the company said. The solution has been designed to support pharmacists in their efforts to bolster patients’ medication adherence.

The VBM 200F offers a small footprint and ergonomic design, an intuitive and user-friendly interface, and a throughput of 35 to 40 sealed and audited cards per hour.

In addition, the system uses proven vision technology to verify every medication for each individual blister before the card is filled. Medications are identified and certified based on size, shape and color. Manually added medications, including half- and quarter-tabs, are also verified by the vision system.

Omnicell noted that the new VBM 200F system rounds out its solution set supporting medication adherence. That includes Time My Meds medication synchronization software, SureMed multi-med blister cards, Guided Packing, and automated packaging solutions such as the VBM 200F and the M5000.

According to the company, 18 states have passed laws or implemented regulations to ease financial burden on patients or pharmacies when transitioning to synchronized medication regimens, and some states have begun providing reimbursement for multi-med packages.

“Omnicell offers our pharmacy partners an innovative suite of solutions designed to increase patient engagement and improve medication adherence, which can result in healthier outcomes and reduced healthcare costs,” stated Rob Seim, president of global automation and medication adherence at Omnicell. “In addition to the M5000, which remains a crucial part of our innovation strategy, the Omnicell VBM 200F will enable pharmacists to grow their business, and it reaffirms our commitment to offer solutions across the full spectrum of care.”


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