ONE launches UltraFeel condoms

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BOSTON – Today ONE Condoms announces UltraFeel, their thinnest condom yet combined with ONE’s latest manufacturing technologies. UltraFeel features full lubrication from base to tip through an advanced manufacturing process, an incredibly thin bead at the base of the condom for additional comfort, and SheerSkin latex that’s thinner than a human hair.

ONE  is also committed to educating people about the importance of using additional lubricant. Condoms and lube are like the peanut butter and jelly of safer sex. Because UltraFeel combines the condom with a 2ml lubricant pouch in the same package, they’re now more inseparable than ever. Using additional lubricant with condoms is recommended by various organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, according to one study, only 19% of people who use condoms reported using additional lubricant.

ONE  UltraFeel is the latest innovation in sexual health products from a company that’s on a mission to shake up the industry. UltraFeel provides added pleasure and comfort with advanced manufacturing technologies that reinvent the condom yet again:

  • TotalGlide Technology lubricates the condom fully from base to tip. Unlike most condoms that are lubricated once they’re rolled up, ONE UltraFeel condoms are fully lubricated from base to tip prior to being rolled.
  • MicroRoll Technology results in a bead of latex at the base of the condom that is much thinner, making the condom a more comfortable fit.
  • Made with new SheerSkin latex, UltraFeel is ONE’s thinnest condom yet – thinner than a human hair. ONE also uses their proprietary form of latex, a softer and smoother latex that moves with the body better.
  • ONE’s exclusive 2-in-1 package puts the condom and lube at your fingertips in a single wrapper. Using additional lube with condoms helps increase pleasure and comfort for both partners, but only 19% of people report doing it. UltraFee features an extra 2ml lube pack with and extra-lubricated condom to encourage more lubricant usage.

“Our customers love the variety of innovative ONE products already on the market,” said ONE’s founder and president, Davin Wedel. “But we never stop listening to our customers and asking how we can use the latest manufacturing technologies to enhance sexual pleasure even more. With UltraFeel, our team of super scientists has done it again.”

ONE UltraFeel™ condoms are now available in 10-packs at onecondoms.com/ultrafeel and at selected CVS Pharmacy locations.



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