OptimizeRx launches new digital solution

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ROCHESTER, Mich. — OptimizeRx Corp. announced the launch of its new Therapy Initiation Workflow, a digital solution focused on accelerating patient access to treatments where time-consuming medical documentation is required of health care providers (HCPs) prior to pharmacies dispensing prescribed drugs. The new platform enhancement particularly supports the fast-growing area of specialty medications.

In-line with the major digitization paradigm shift across healthcare, this technology enhancement allows life sciences companies to simplify therapy initiation by presenting HCPs with a fully electronic option synchronizing enrollment, benefits verification, prior authorization, and patient support onboarding.

“The launch of this technology solution is part of the evolution occurring across OptimizeRx’s maturing offerings. We are being recognized for delivering the most complete, best-in-class, and holistic suite of solutions at the point of care for our life sciences partners. This latest technology innovation expands our digital health and communications platform to digitize pharmaceutical market access solutions,” commented Will Febbo, OptimizeRx CEO. “In doing so, we are achieving a critical mass of touchpoints for life sciences across the patient journey, underpinned by our integrated Therapy Initiation and Persistence Platform, which emphasizes our complete focus on enabling patients to obtain the therapies they need.

OptimizeRx has continued to develop connections between life-sciences companies, patients, and providers, both within and outside of the EHR. This latest platform functionality now connects the nation’s largest digital network of over 700 thousand providers to hubs, pharmacies, and payers, providing expanded options for patient support while instantly bridging relationships between all healthcare stakeholders.”

As the majority of new drugs approved in the United States are specialty medications, increasing availability and use of these medications has exposed unique barriers to prescription fulfillment processes and patient access. This has created complicated healthcare delivery workflows resulting in hurdles significantly impacting a provider’s ability to optimally prescribe, and for their patients to ultimately receive, the specific therapy.

For example, a recent physician survey by the American Medical Association found that prior authorization process delays have a significant effect on patient outcomes, with 90% of physicians surveyed reporting that the prior authorization process has a somewhat or significant negative impact on clinical outcomes, and 30% reporting that this process has led to a serious adverse event for a patient in their care. The new OptimizeRx platform technology ensures enrollment and approval of specialty medications at the earliest possible point in the prescription process, ensuring that an approved script gets to the right pharmacy every time to reduce delay in treatment, and mitigate the risk of therapy abandonment by the patient.

“This new platform capability is a considerable milestone to reduce provider burden and improve patient care in conditions requiring specialty medication,” stated Karina Castagna, SVP Specialty Solutions at OptimizeRx. “We are simplifying prescribing and helping patients acquire the specialty drugs they need, when they need them, which has been one of the most significant challenges faced by the healthcare industry in our time.”

The expanded OptimizeRx point-of-care platform now comprises the most comprehensive digital technologies enabling life sciences to help patients get started, and stay, on their doctor’s recommended course of therapy. The Company’s vision to enable life sciences to work directly with providers and patients to improve patient access and retain physician choice is furthered in this platform expansion by facilitating engagement, access, affordability, and adherence programs within the expanding landscape of the point-of-care.



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