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Oral-B unveils Genius X AI power toothbrush

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CINCINNATI — Oral-B  is rolling out the Genius X that was first unveiled at CES earlier this year. The Oral-B Genius X with Artificial Intelligence helps users brush for the right amount of time without too much pressure regardless of your individual brushing style so you get your best results every day.

Oral-B has created an algorithm from more than 2,000 brushing sessions to gain exclusive insights into brushing behaviors from around the world. The data shows that everyone has a unique brushing style– almost like a thumb print. To ensure Oral-B is providing consumers with optimal care no matter their brushing style, the Genius X comes to market as the smartest power brush available in our line-up, guiding users through a connected app, which offers personalized feedback on the regions of the mouth that require additional attention.

“By deepening our understanding of consumer behavior across 60 countries, Oral-B has been able to design products & experiences that help coach consumers to build healthier brushing behaviors,” said Carlos De Jesus, vice president, North America Oral Care, Procter & Gamble. “The Genius X is just our first, and very big, step into connected oral health. We know that oral hygiene is a gateway to our overall health, and we will continue to innovate devices that help people seamlessly monitor and support their at-home care.”

Consumer research has shown that most people use either too much pressure, don’t brush long enough or miss certain areas of the mouth. The Genius X uses sensors to solve these common issues by monitoring pressure, keeping track of brushing time, and detecting the brush’s location and orientation. Data is sent to the Oral-B app, which leverages the Genius X AI algorithm to identify in real-time where users are brushing. The algorithm combines the knowledge of thousands of human brushing behaviors to assess individual brushing styles and coach users to achieve better brushing habits.

Along with its AI capabilities, the Genius X features Oral-B’s signature round brush head modeled after professional dentist tools and designed for an optimal clean. The brush head also has a three-movement combination to effectively remove plaque: oscillate, rotate and pulsate.

Designed with modern-day needs in mind, the Genius X comes complete with a sleek travel case that charges both the brush and a USB device, such as a smartphone, to make traveling with a power toothbrush easier than ever. Brushes are available in anthracite black, black, orchid purple, sakura pink and white and are available for purchase on,, and


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