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Organyc feminine care brand makes U.S. debut

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MILAN, Italy — Italian personal care manufacturer Corman has introduced the Organyc brand and new private-label feminine care lines in the United States.

The Milan-based company said Monday that the Organyc and new private label lines, targeted at mass market retailers, are the first and only feminine care brands made with 100% organic cotton in the United States.

Organyc is being launched with 10 SKUs, including tampons, pads, panty liners, wet wipes and intimate wash.

According to Corman, the brand has already achieved strong acceptance, with more than a dozen major retailers signed on with the company and a number of other large retailers slated to do so this year.

Corman said that while most other mass brands rely on synthetic materials such as rayon and super-absorbent powders, it manufactures with only 100% organic cotton. The company reported that consumer testing with U.S. women shows that a vast majority think their feminine care products are made of cotton and, when they discover those products do not contain cotton, they will reconsider their brands and purchases.

Cotton is naturally absorbent, soft, breathable, pH compatible with the skin and hypoallergenic, and it can reduce skin irritation, according to Corman. What’s more, cotton reduces the risk of overheating and itching due to friction, especially while walking, running or wearing tight clothing, the company said, adding that Organyc feminine care products are also free of chlorine bleach.

Corman said its new products have received Food and Drug Administration approval and are supported by Cotton Inc., which has permitted the supplier to use the "Cotton" logo in its marketing and promotional material.

A 63-year-old company, Corman is known for 100% cotton feminine care and incontinence products distributed in 25 countries worldwide.


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