Lupin 2023

Owen Mumford makes donation of medical supplies for Georgia’s health care system

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MARIETTA, Ga. – As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make an impact on  the country, Owen Mumford is even more grateful to the health care workers who are on the front lines helping those in need of care during this crisis.  The company  is working with GEMA to donate 500,000 Unistik safety lancets and 5,000 Peezy urine specimen collection kits.

New COVID-19 tests are being made available that are using a sample of blood through a finger stick to screen patients for the presence of the virus. Health care workers are facing potential supply shortages and laboratories are becoming overwhelmed with the significant increase in the volume of samples being sent not only for COVID-19 analysis but for other diagnostic tests.

Owen Mumford is working with the Governor’s Office, GEMA, Homeland Security and the Department of Public Health to provide critical medical devices to hospitals, clinics and healthcare professionals who are facing resource and supply shortages. Five hundred thousand Unistik® safety lancets and 5,000 Peezy urine specimen collection kits will be donated through GEMA to be distributed to Georgia’s healthcare partners and facilities in need. This donation assists those with supply concerns and also relieves the burden on the laboratories by providing a urine specimen collection system that is designed to greatly reduce contaminated samples and lessens the need for repeat testing.

“Our Global organization is committed to the cause of fighting COVID-19, maintaining manufacturing and distribution out of all of our Global sites, ensuring we continue to assist those in need. I am grateful for all our Associates’ hard work and contributions. We, at Owen Mumford, are all proud to call Georgia our North American home for the last 27 years and are humbled to contribute to our community.” said Travis Shaw, executive vice president, Owen Mumford. “Our innovative solutions support right first-time sampling and specimen collection which will lessen the burden of healthcare professionals and the lab, allowing enhanced focus on the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 patients.”


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