Purdue University and US Pharmacopeia launch webinar series on pharmaceutical 3D-printing

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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Purdue University, in partnership with US Pharmacopeia and sponsorship from Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, announced a new pharmaceutical industry technology forum focused on 3D-Printing pharmaceutical medications and the benefits to patients, pharmaceutical executives, formulation scientists, and compounding pharmacists.  The forum will begin with a one-hour introduction session on September 14, 2021 and will continue monthly into 2022.

 Ronald  Piervincenzi

Building on the USP and International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology (APV) sponsored week-long event held in July 2020, titled “Quality of 3D Printing of Medicines and Supplements,” this event will explore the use of various 3DP technologies to support new indications, improved formulations, or create new delivery systems.  The series will provide examples—including case studies for pharmaceutical executives—on how 3DP manufacturing can accelerate clinical development, enhance the innovation value of novel molecules, and extend the life cycle of approved products.

Purdue is committed to the advancement of technologies such as 3DP for pharmaceutical development that can bring patient centric products to market,” said Eric L. Barker, Dean of the Purdue College of Pharmacy.  “Simultaneously, Purdue continues to offer its students, faculty, alumni, and industry colleagues access to educational materials that bring awareness to such technological advancements.”

“USP is excited to partner with Purdue University and Aprecia in leading the conversation on standards in ensuring quality in 3DP. Robust engagement with the 3DP community enables USP to learn from, adapt, and educate stakeholders in an agile manner to meet their needs and reduce barriers to innovation in manufacturing and emerging technologies such as 3DP,” said Ronald  Piervincenzi, CEO of USP.

As the global leader in 3DP for pharmaceutical manufacturing, Aprecia is the first and only company to gain FDA regulatory approval and to launch a 3D-Printed product, Spritam, into the market.  Since launching Spritam in 2015, Aprecia has continued to advance a pipeline of market differentiated products and state-of-the-art equipment.

“Aprecia continues to focus its passion on innovation and helping its pharma partners bring to market differentiated products that improve patient and caregiver lives,” said Chris Gilmore, CEO of Aprecia.  “We are excited to partner with these visionary organizations in bringing this needed content and discussion to the pharmaceutical industry.”

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