QS/1 integrates with Appriss Health’s NARxCHECK

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SPARTANBURG, S.C. — QS/1 said it’s the first pharmacy management software provider to integrate partner with Appriss Health’s NARxCHECK into a pharmacy’s workflow.

An analytics solution, NARxCHECK helps fight prescription drug abuse by giving pharmacies real-time access to data gathered by prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs), QS/1 noted, adding that the integration comes as more states bolster reporting of the controlled substance dispensing.

“It’s a unique exchange of information that can alert of possible overuse or abuse of prescription drugs,” stated Ed Vess, president of the South Carolina Pharmacy Association. “Rather than just filling the prescription and sending the information to the state PDMP, NARxCHECK shows the pharmacy staff all controlled substance prescriptions that the patient has been previously provided. It allows the pharmacist a chance to make an informed decision on whether they should fill the prescription, ask a few more questions, or refuse to fill the prescription.”

QS/1 facilitates the exchange of information between the pharmacy and Appriss Health to enable NARxCHECK to assess patients’ prescription profiles against PDMPs to see if they are obtaining multiple prescriptions for certain controlled substances. A key benefit of NARxCHECK is that PDMP data can potentially be shared across state lines. So if a patient is filling prescriptions in other states where this information is exchanged with Appriss Health, the solution can potentially share that data with the pharmacist as well.

“This risk assessment is invaluable in the effort to reduce inappropriate access to opioids, improve patient safety and prevent addiction and abuse of prescription drugs,” Vess added.



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