ravkoo integrates with Everyware

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AUSTIN, Texasravkoo, a leading digital SaaS platform for prescription fulfillment, has announced that it is entering a partnership with Everyware, the U.S. solutions company known for contactless payments and streamlined customer engagement. ravkoo chose Everyware for the ease and reliability of its digital experience for pharmacies, customers, and physicians.

As pharmacies adapt to the new realities of 2021, with curbside pharmacy services and targeted customer messaging, Everyware has developed a new patient engagement strategy. It digitally integrates Pay by Text payments and a two-way messaging process. These new interactive methods address consumer demands for safe and reliable touchless digital services.

“Everyware is helping brick-and-mortar pharmacies to modernize payments via contactless options as their customers now expect,” said CEO and Founder of Everyware, Larry Talley. “We are excited to partner with ravkoo to enhance its customers’ pharmacy businesses. Everyware is unique and intuitively functions with easy, integrated messaging and text message payment. Our clients have seen their Pay by Text conversion rates rise between 40 and 60%, which means that consumers are more comfortable with text-based services including payment and customer messaging.”

Pharmacies see the value in applying digital experience features. More stores are encouraging the use of text messages for 24/7 questions, curbside services, updating pharmacy records, and paying by text instead of physically swiping a credit card. Everyware is also a PCI and HIPAA compliant platform. Our encrypted authentication access method and other security measures are built into the design and management of Everyware’s REST API, keeping the protection of sensitive integrated patient information top priority.

For more information, visit www.ravkoo.com or www.everyware.com.



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