Reed’s sparkling juices roll out to Rite Aid stores

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LOS ANGELES — Natural soda maker Reed’s Inc. has made its Sonoma Sparklers sparkling juices available exclusively at Rite Aid drug stores nationwide.

Reeds Sonoma Sparklers_Rite AidReed’s said Tuesday that all of Rite Aid’s approximately 4,600 stores will carry 16-ounce bottles of Sonoma Sparklers in three flavors: Sparkling Organic Raspberry, Sparkling Organic Lemonade and Sparkling Organic Peach.

The company describes Sonoma Sparklers as refreshing, nonalcoholic, sparkling juices “with champagne qualities and a light, crisp taste.”

Sonoma Sparkler Natural Peach is a blend of natural apple juice, natural peach puree and natural peach flavor and captures the flavor of ripe peaches, according to Reed’s. Sonoma Sparkler Natural Raspberry is a blend of natural apple juice, natural raspberry puree and natural raspberry flavor. Both beverages have 100% natural juice and vitamin C. Sonoma Sparkler Organic Lemonade is a blend of 10% fresh, whole certified organic lemon juice, certified organic cane sugar, certified organic lemon flavor and vitamin C.

“Today’s consumers are demanding healthier and better-for-you alternatives to regular sodas. Reed’s is small batch-crafting our sodas, sparkling juices and kombuchas with fresh ginger, organic juices and purees, containing no artificial ingredients, colors, preservatives or flavors,” stated Chris Reed, founder and chief executive officer of Reed’s. “The Reed’s footprint is continually expanding, and the availability of our Sonoma Sparklers in one of the nation’s leading drug store chains boosts our presence and opens doors for more growth, opportunity and line extensions in the future.”

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