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SheaMoisture Beauty Hack system touts personalization

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NEW YORK — SheaMoisture has introduced Beauty Hack, a three-step, at-home system that enables women to customize their own beauty blends for the face, body and hair.

Made with natural, certified organic and fair trade ingredients, and designed for all skin and hair types, the Beauty Hack system starts with a fragrance-free base that is combined with a pure oil and finished with a fragrance oil. A healthy ingredient from the kitchen or garden — such as a banana, green tea or basil leaves — can be added to provide an extra nourishing boost.

SheaMoisture Beauty Hack system

SheaMoisture Beauty Hack products

Richelieu Dennis, founder and CEO of Sundial Brands, maker of SheaMoisture, noted that Beauty Hack meets the demand for DIY solutions, as well as for ingredient simplicity and transparency. The system offers consumers full visibility to what they are applying to their hair and skin, plus it ensures optimum freshness and reduces waste, since one application is mixed at a time and used immediately.

“Recognizing and acknowledging different need states has been at the core of SheaMoisture’s innovation strategy since the beginning,” Dennis stated. “We listen to our community and develop new formulations based on individual needs. In doing so, we discovered that consumers want simplicity, transparency and a personalized approach — products that address their specific hair and skin types and concerns.”

Beauty Hack product offerings include the following:

Step 1 Bases: Aztec Bentonite Clay ($12.99), Body & Hair Cleanser ($8.99), Body Moisturizer ($8.99), Body Oil ($8.99), Moroccan Rhassoul Clay ($12.99) and Sugar Scrub ($8.99).

Step 2 Oils: 100% Coconut Oil ($3.99), 100% Pure Avocado Oil ($9.99), 100% Pure Grapeseed Oil ($5.99), 100% Pure Macadamia Oil ($9.99), 100% Sunflower Oil ($9.99) and 100% Raw Shea Butter ($3.99).

Step 3 Aromatherapeutic Fragrance Oils: Frankincense & Myrrh ($3.99), Lavender & Wild Orchid ($3.99), Lemongrass ($3.99), Olive & Green Tea ($3.99) and Rose ($3.99).

The Beauty Hack collection, now available at Ulta and Ulta.com, doesn’t contain sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, phthalates, or propylene glycol.

Recipes to create body scrubs, face masks, hair cleansers, moisturizers and more can be found on SheaMoisture.com, or users can develop a concoction from scratch, the company said.

“We are excited to empower our community to mix and match ingredients to design custom blends that satisfy personal preferences,” Dennis added. “We encourage our customers to add as many benefits and scents as they desire, experiment with how frequently they use their treatments, and then share their customized recipes with other community members.”


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