SKYN’s annual survey unveils latest attitudes and purchasing habits

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ISELIN, N.J. – Leading sexual wellness brand, SKYN, announces Wednesday the results of its annual study, designed to uncover the behaviors, attitudes and preferences of sexually active Gen Z and Millennials across the US. With the global sex toy market expected to grow to ~$25.53 billion by 2026, the 2022 SKYN® Sex & Intimacy Survey investigates modern perception and engagement within this booming category. The survey findings provide insight into the ways in which digital media, in particular, is shaping consumer outlook and purchasing trends.

As part of the brand’s dedication to challenging traditional views of intimacy and helping consumers explore pleasure in new ways, the SKYN® Sex & Intimacy Survey sheds light on the current state of device usage, contemporary nuances of product education, and the relation of both to shifting stigmas.

Personal massagers are becoming de-stigmatized, but there is still some hesitation to disclose usage publicly:

  • Usage of personal massagers often starts in late adolescence, with age 20 being the average age for first use.
  • Exploration of the category continues, with 85% of respondents reporting the purchase of at least one new massager in just the last year.
  • Nearly one-third of respondents (31%) reported they would be uncomfortable with others knowing that they use personal massagers.
  • Most respondents (85%) feel they are able to determine if a personal massager aligns with their sexual orientation just by looking at it.
  • The majority of respondents (84%) shared they are comfortable with seeing personal massager visuals in stores.

Social media has a strong impact on perception and use of personal massagers:

  • Over half (55%) of Gen Zers were likely to be motivated to purchase a personal massager as a result of social media content, as compared to only 43% of Millennials.
  • Social media is influencing what we do in bed.  81% of respondents report that they are likely to implement tips provided through social media into their sex lives.
  • City-dwellers are more likely to post about use of personal massagers, with half of these respondents noting they would feel comfortable doing so compared to 41% of those in suburbs and 39% in rural areas.
  • For many, social media is a safe space for the discussion of personal massagers, with 32% engaging in these conversations via DM and 29% in public comments sections.
  • Personal massager content resonates best when it comes from everyday people, with 43% of all respondents noting this type of content is likely to inspire purchase. By contrast, only 38% noted the same for content created by influencers.

Purchasing habits are evolving as personal massagers grow in popularity and usage:

  • The vast majority of respondents (90%) are likely to purchase a personal massager online instead of in-store.
  • On average, respondents purchased 4 personal massagers in the past year, regardless of income or education level.
  • Over half of respondents (57%) would purchase a personal massager as a gift for someone else.
  • Gender impacts the types of toys people are buying, with over half (61%) of respondents sharing that they only purchase personal massagers specifically targeted towards their gender.

“The SKYN brand is rooted in the pursuit of better intimacy. We aim to be the companion for all aspects of the journey to pleasure and a fundamental part of this is our deep understanding of that consumer journey,” says M’lou Walker, chief executive officer of LifeStyles Healthcare. “This year’s survey sheds light on the evolution of the sexual wellness discourse, which increasingly becomes more dynamic via digital media. These insights will be a guiding light as we continue to innovate across the personal massager category and support comfort and confidence for all SKYN users.”

In conjunction with the survey findings, SKYN has recently launched a new portfolio of devices that work to address the rising consumer demand for more toy options. SKYN Caress, Dual Ring, Tune, Arch, Bow, Wave, Rouse, Tremble, and Charm are available for purchase on the SKYN brand website and from select retailers.


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