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Solves Strips launches oral film strips for electrolytes, melatonin and vitamin D

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CINCINNATI — Solves Strips, the disruptive drug delivery technology changing the way consumers give and take medication, has launched and is now available for consumers. All of the Solves Strips products are quick dissolving, great tasting, and easy to take. They can contain vitamins, medications or other health aids.

Solves Strips product line up includes:

  • Alpine Crisp – Breath Freshener Strips
  • Electrolyte Strips
  • Melatonin Strips
  • Revive Energy – Caffeine and Vitamin Strip
  • Vitamin D3 Strips

Oral thin film strips replace the need for pills, powders, or liquid supplements, which are the traditional delivery methods for these personal wellness products. Solves Strips provide a non-invasive and easy way to take these supplements, simply by placing the strip on the tongue and letting it dissolve. They are convenient, easy to transport, and ready to take without water.

“We’re excited to officially launch the Solves Strips wellness program and share it with everyone across the U.S.,” said Tony Ishmael, president and chief executive officer of Innosol Health, Inc. the company behind Solves Strips. “We have been working hard to find the best oral thin film strip and develop quality products that will benefit people in their everyday lives. This groundbreaking technology not only provides convenience, it’s also truly transformational for people who are not able to swallow pills.”

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