TCGRx launches pharmacy will-call system

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POWERS LAKE, Wis. — TCGRx has rolled out Will-Call Rx, a computerized system for hanging and retrieving will-call prescriptions that’s designed to ensure accurate medication pickup.

The company said Will-Call Rx uses energy-efficient LED lights to identify prescription locations and bar code scanning to facilitate prescription verification and inventory management, along with patient pickup of prescriptions — in turn boosting customer satisfaction and pharmacy efficiency.

Will-Call Rx can sort all prescriptions by patient or consolidate them by household. The patient’s prescriptions in will call are identified, including bulk and refrigerated medications, to ensure that the entire order is filled. The system also tracks the medication via aging reports, alerting pharmacists of prescriptions not picked up by customers. A return-to-stock function, too, enables the pharmacist to take unused medications and replenish the stock, eliminating waste and saving the pharmacy money.

"Will-Call Rx provides accurate prescription delivery every time. This system is designed to eliminate the frustration of searching through alphabetically stored bags while increasing customer satisfaction. The system can be built for any pharmacy of any size,"  TCGRx chief executive officer Duane Chudy said in a statement.

According to TCGRx, Will-Call Rx replaces the traditional method of organizing prescriptions alphabetically by customer name with light-guided and bar code-verified prescription pickup in a small footprint. The system identifies the unit and row in which the prescription is hung, and its advanced software requires the user to scan the will-call bag to verify that the correct prescription is selected before allowing them to continue, virtually eliminating any possible user error, the company said.



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