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Theraworx Relief getting high marks for pain relief

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ASHEVILLE, N.C. — One of the fastest-growing brands in the pain management category has been Avadim Health Inc.’s popular topical solution for spasms and cramps, Theraworx.

Ralph Lombardo, Avadim Health’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, notes that the brand has been well received since it was launched nationwide in 2017. “Theraworx Relief Foam has been accelerating and is the fastest-growing SKU in external pain in the chain drug category, and Theraworx Relief Spray is also off to a strong start,” he says. “Theraworx Relief is providing incremental lift to the external pain/topical pain relief category in the drug channel. There has been a surge in patients and consumers approaching their pharmacist asking them to order Theraworx Relief.”

Consumers are looking for more solutions for pain, notes Lombardo, adding that in an Avadim Health survey of over 200 drug channel pharmacists, 73% reported being frequently or very frequently asked for over-the-counter recommendations for muscle cramps and spasms or symptoms associated with restless legs syndrome. In the same survey, he points out, only 6.5% of the drug channel pharmacists surveyed said they could name a clinically proven O-T-C product for these two conditions. “This underscores the major gap and unmet need for this group of sufferers,” Lombardo says.

He adds that as pharmacists in the drug channel learn about this brand and embrace the clinical evidence behind it, they are recommending Theraworx Relief and consistently reporting success stories from patients and customers. “In one recent analysis, over 60% of Theraworx Relief purchases were made by loyalty card members who had never purchased in the external pain/topical pain relief category before the launch of Theraworx Relief, signaling that Theraworx Relief is bringing accretive impact to the category.”

Lombardo says millions of Americans suffer from daily episodes of muscle cramps and spasms in the legs and feet, and one in 10 adults suffer from symptoms associated with restless legs syndrome. “For our seniors who are affected by these two conditions, the prescription options are on the Beers List and generally not recommended,” he notes. “Theraworx Relief offers a clinically proven, topical O-T-C solution that has not existed until now. Theraworx Relief can prevent or quickly relieve symptoms in affected patients.”

He also points out that hundreds of important medications list muscle cramps as a potential adverse event, and that having something that works to prevent or quickly relieve muscle cramps has the potential to impact adherence to important chronic prescription medications.

Lombardo adds that the Theraworx Relief line of innovative solutions for unmet needs will be expanded in the third quarter of 2019 with the launch of novel SKUs for joint discomfort and inflammation. “These innovative SKUs will meet an additional unmet need in a group of over 90 million sufferers,” he says.

Also in the third quarter of 2019, the company will launch Theraworx Protect U-PAK, its third topical innovation to help combat post-menopausal urinary tract infections. It is said to be the first O-T-C option clinically proven to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections, which afflict up to 50% of women age 80 and above. “We believe this will be a major step forward for female health,” Lombardo says.

“In each case, the pharmacist will be a critical component to our campaign to educate the consumer.”


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