Thrifty White, PrescribeWellness pair up

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PLYMOUTH, Minn. — Thrifty White Drug Stores and PrescribeWellness have entered into a partnership that aims to deliver software solutions to pharmacists that will help them provide better customer care.

Thrifty White expects the PrescribeCare platform from PrescribeWellness will give its pharmacists a single view of each patient, their medications and opportunities for ­engagement.

Employee-owned Thrifty White operates more than 100 retail stores in six states.

“We made the choice in 2012 to focus on driving quality outcomes and creating a better pharmacy experience versus being fast and cheap,” remarked Bob Narveson, president and chief executive officer of Thrifty White. “Our PrescribeWellness partnership will advance this vision, enabling us to seamlessly provide high-touch health care in the community and remain a trusted member of the health care team.”

Specifically, the software solutions will allow Thrifty White pharmacists to provide clinically focused services, enhance the patient experience, improve pharmacy workflow, offer comprehensive patient engagement and support services, and drive better patient outcomes, the partners said last month in a statement.

“There is an explosion of chronic disease in this country, and community pharmacies play a critical role in battling it and improving the health of Americans,” commented Al Babbington, CEO of ­PrescribeWellness.

“Thrifty White was an early adopter of the patient-centric approach, and we are pleased to provide them with the tools they need to more effectively treat their patients, achieve better outcomes and get paid for the valuable work they do.”

With a seamless patient management platform and supporting tools, Thrifty White can execute medication synchronization, immunizations, health screenings, disease-state management, diabetes prevention, adherence management, medication therapy management and opioid management, the partners pointed out.

The PrescribeWellness solution suite also helps pharmacists get paid for clinical services and participate in value-based payment models, such as shared savings and performance-based ­reimbursements.

Additionally, it offers information technology and automation tools that support reporting, coding, billing, collections and other administrative tasks.



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