Upsher-Smith, NASPA honor pharmacists

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MAPLE GROVE, Minn. — Upsher-Smith Laboratories Inc. and the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations (NASPA) have recognized 43 pharmacists from across the country with a 2015 NASPA Excellence in Innovation Award.

Upsher-Smith said the pharmacists were honored for their outstanding contributions to the pharmacy profession. More specifically, the Excellence in Innovation Award recognizes pharmacists who have improved patient care and/or advanced the pharmacy profession by making significant innovations in their practice, methods, or services.

“Upsher-Smith is proud to join NASPA in honoring these outstanding pharmacists for their innovative spirit and their dedication to advancing the profession,”Upsher-Smith president Rusty Field stated. “Our company was founded by a pharmacist, and we have a deep respect for the critical role pharmacists play in protecting and enhancing patient health. We are honored to recognize these awardees for their outstanding achievements.”

The award is presented annually by NASPA and sponsored by Upsher-Smith. Participating state pharmacist associations present the award to their state’s recipient.

“We thank Upsher-Smith for supporting the Excellence in Innovation Award and for recognizing the critical work carried out by the awardees,” commented Rebecca Snead, executive vice president of NASPA. “Recipients of this award have demonstrated the highest level of professional achievement and innovation, and we are proud to partner with Upsher-Smith to honor their contributions to the profession of pharmacy and to America’s patients.”

The 2015 NASPA Excellence in Innovation Award winners are the following:

  • Alabama:  Frances Cohenour, PharmD
  • Arizona:  Martha Fankhauser, MS Pharm
  • Arkansas:  Taylor Franklin, PharmD
  • California:  Marcus Ferrone, PharmD
  • Colorado:  Amy Stump, PharmD
  • Connecticut:  Amy Kurzatkowski, RPh
  • Delaware:  Sandra Zaragoza, RPh
  • Florida:  Kevin Sneed, PharmD
  • Georgia:  Ashish Advani, PharmD
  • Hawaii:  Stephen Kozuma, RPh
  • Illinois:  Steve Hiemenz, RPh
  • Indiana:  John Hertig, PharmD
  • Iowa:  Ryan Jacobsen, PharmD
  • Kansas:  Merlin McFarland, RPh
  • Kentucky:  Matt Carrico, PharmD
  • Louisiana:  Nicholas LeBas, RPh
  • Maine:  Penobscot Community Health Center
  • Maryland:  Amy Nathanson, PharmD
  • Massachusetts:  Michele Matthews, PharmD
  • Michigan:  James Stevenson, PharmD
  • Minnesota:  Kristin Janke, PhD
  • Mississippi:  Daniel Riche, PharmD
  • Missouri:  Sara Nicolaus, PharmD
  • Montana:  Michael Matovich, RPh
  • New Hampshire:  TJ Parker, PharmD
  • New Jersey:  Chester Lau, RPh
  • New Mexico:  Craig Burgess, PharmD
  • New York:  Alfonse Muto, PharmD
  • North Carolina:  Amina Abubakar, PharmD
  • North Dakota:  Nathan Fleck, PharmD
  • Ohio:  David Hartzell, PharmD
  • Oklahoma:  Jackie Straughn, PharmD
  • Oregon:  Geoffrey L’Heureux, PharmD
  • Pennsylvania:  Jamie McConaha, PharmD
  • Puerto Rico:  Elizabeth Plaza-Rodriguez, RPh
  • Rhode Island:  Stephen Kogut, PhD, MBA, RPh
  • South Carolina:  Paul Fleming, PharmD
  • Tennessee:  W. Shannon McCool, DPh
  • Washington:  Marge McCoy, RPh & Rick McCoy, RPh
  • Washington, DC:  Jose Diaz-Luna, PharmD
  • West Virginia:  Leesa Marie Prunty, PharmD
  • Wisconsin:  Andy Pulvermacher, PharmD
  • Wyoming:  Lance Denning, PharmD



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