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Vicks: Americans won’t let cold/flu slow them down

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CINCINNATI — A poll from Procter & Gamble cold/flu brand Vicks shows why it’s important for drug stores and other retailers to keep a good supply of over-the-counter medicines at the ready on their shelves.

The Puffs & Vicks Cold & Flu Survey revealed that when Americans feel under the weather, they won’t let it stop them from going about their day as they juggle responsibilities at home, at work and on the social front. According to the poll of 1,001 U.S. adults, conducted by Wakefield Research, 83% admit to leaving the house while sick with a cold or the flu, with 50% doing so for family obligations.

Vicks DayQuil NyQuil SevereOf working Americans surveyed, 66% said a fever is the deciding factor in taking an official sick day from work.

Meanwhile, 69% of respondents report taking an over-the-counter, multisymptom reliever to power through their day at home and at work.

Such behavior, Vicks noted, is behind the development of its multisymptom cold/flu products DayQuil Severe and NyQuil Severe. Vicks DayQuil Severe relieves aches, fever, sore throat, nasal/sinus congestion and pressure, cough and chest congestion to help cold/flu sufferers get through their day. And to help then get their needed rest at night, Vicks NyQuil Severe alleviates aches, fever, sore throat, nasal/sinus congestion and pressure, sneezing and runny nose.

“Our research shows that people continue to prioritize family and career obligations above themselves. While taking time to recuperate is always best, unfortunately it’s not always an option as our list of commitments continues to expand,” stated Dave Tomasi, Vicks North American marketing director. “Vicks continues to offer trusted solutions, like DayQuil Severe and NyQuil Severe, so today’s multitaskers can power through symptoms and get back to the people and plans that matter most.”

Among other findings in the survey, 30% of Americans said they would take an official sick day from work if their child was sick. Also, 86% would move to another bed if their significant other were sick with the cold or flu, and 66% said they would be likely to avoid kissing their significant other if they were sick.


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