Walgreens sponsors app contest

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DEERFIELD, Ill. — Walgreen Co. is encouraging third-party developers to compete for $13,000 in prize money for creation of mobile apps that integrate the company’s Balance Rewards program API (application program interface), which allows customers to generate loyalty program points by making healthy lifestyle choices.

The competition runs through November 28. Winners will be selected for the following ­categories:

• Walgreens Best Overall App Integration Award. The $7,000 prize will go to the developer with the best idea for an app that successfully integrates Walgreens’ Balance Rewards interface with customers’ choices for happy and healthy lives.

• Henry Ford Health System Patient Engagement Award. The $3,000 prize goes to the developer who best offers “the potential to incent healthy patient behavior and engagement while increasing or easing the ability to manage chronic conditions,” Walgreens says. This criteria is in addition to the quality of the app integration idea and successful integration of the Balance Rewards API.

The prize money in this category has been put up by the Henry Ford Health System, a nonprofit managed care organization operating in the Detroit area.

• People’s Choice for Best App Integration Award. ChallengePost users will vote to select the winner of the $3,000 prize for the best app-integration idea, successful integration of the Balance Rewards API and impact for app customers to lead happy and healthy lives, according to Walgreens.

“Through our API developer program, we’re able to extend our loyalty program into the digital ecosystem, ultimately reaching more consumers and rewarding them for their healthy activities,” says Abhi Dhar, group vice president and chief technology officer for digital at Walgreens.


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