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Walgreens to carry Pathway Genomics genetic testing kit

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SAN DIEGO — Walgreen Co. this month plans to begin selling genetic testing kits from startup Pathway Genomics.

The San Diego-based genetic testing company said Tuesday that the Insight Saliva Collection Kit will be available starting in mid-May at most of Walgreens’ approximately 7,500 drug stores nationwide except for New York, due to a state law.

The kit, which will retail from $20 to $30, contains a small saliva collection kit, instructions and a postage-paid envelope that customers can use to send their saliva sample back to the Pathway Genomics laboratory. Next, they visit Pathway’s web site to create a password-protected account and order an individualized Genetic Insight Report for Drug Response ($79), Pre-Pregnancy Planning ($179), Health Conditions ($179) or the Total Health Insight combination of all three reports ($249).

Pathway said its Genetics Insight Reports offer a convenient, affordable way for people to learn about their personal genetics.

"We’re revolutionizing the way people access information about their genetics, and through thousands of convenient Walgreens locations, we’re making it easier and more affordable than ever before to order a personalized genetic report," Pathway CEO Jim Plante said in a statement. "The value of knowing how genes play a role in our personal lives, and potentially the lives of our children, is critical for making well-informed health and wellness decisions."

According to the company, personalized genetic reports offer useful insight into a person’s DNA makeup and genetic data, providing a wide range of information to help an individual learn about his or her health and make healthier lifestyle choices. For example, with a Genetic Insight Report for prescription medications, people can discover if they are more or less sensitive to a variety of treatment therapies because of their genetic traits.


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