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World’s smallest toy and candy store from Brand Vending Products

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PHOENIX — Brand Vending Products,  a leader and pioneer in the toy and vending industry, has just released the world’s smallest toy and candy tower vending machines.  “We are very excited to once again bring the first ever of its kind to the US market, an updated and refreshed vending machine that offers 9 different selections in a very small space. This machine is all about innovation, accessibility, selection, and style that both the consumer, operator and facility will appreciate.” said Scott Jochim, chief executive officer of Brand Vending.

Toy Factory

This new tower line currently has 4 options: Pet Shop, Gourmet Gumball, Toy Factory and Candy Carousel. With each of these new designs come a “Twist to Choose” format that offers 9 selections with a simple twist of the column. The company it’s been called a breath of fresh air to the static vending business, changing customer’s expectations with its quality, name brands, and retail packaging. Until a few years ago the only vending dispenser on the market was the red and black bulk vendor.

Jochim said these new toy and candy towers are the next generation of vending dispensers, with sealed containers and dozens of products to choose from, designed specifically for all types of customers. Each machine can hold 9 different products (up to 108 2-inch capsules total or 400 1-inch capsules) which vend from $0.50 to $1.00, and they can even take tokens giving an excellent profit margin. The machine can fit almost anywhere, it can be placed on a countertop or on a stand. The dispensers are manually operated with no need for electricity. The interactive and innovative “Twist to Choose” feature of the machine makes it a fun experience and an attraction for everyone. The one-coin mechanism machine is a welcomed change to the bulk vending operator, saving on service time and money.

“Market research has shown that these tower vending machines out-sell vending machine market rivals by at least 30% and in some cases as much as 150%. This is due to the unique clear container allowing customers to see the product inside. We are excited to display its newly developed individually wrapped, full colored capsules inside of the clear chamber of these toy and candy towers,” he said.

The company sees thousands of potential outlets for this dispenser. “They are unique, affordable, and easy to locate,” Jochim added.


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