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Forces that will shape the future of pharmacy

Forces that will shape the future of pharmacy

With massive change in the retail pharmacy industry — including mergers and acquisitions, downward pressure on reimbursement rates, consolidation of payers, and a nascent movement to transform pharmacists into providers — now is a good time to take a step back and look at the big picture. What forces will transform the industry, and which

How big data will disrupt role of community pharmacy

Can retail pharmacies beat other players to patient ­intimacy? Many pharmacy retailers understand that big data can improve business operations, enabling intimate consumer engagement and thereby driving bigger baskets and more door turns, along with healthier customers and margins. They see impacts almost completely confined to the income statement. Too few grasp the strategic ability

Telemedicine and the future of retail health clinics

It’s Monday morning and you wake up with a throbbing headache, stuffy and dizzy, recognizing that the next thing you absolutely positively need to hear is, “The doctor will see you now.” You roll over in bed, pick up your tablet, open your accountable care organization’s (ACO’s) telemedicine app, and in a few minutes you

One man’s disruptor is another man’s growth driver

In today’s hyper-connected, cost-pressured, health-driven environment, there’s no shortage of ideas and issues impacting the health care value chain. Understanding which disruptors are true issues or opportunities and which ones are distractions is a critical element in developing a business strategy. Most of the discussions regarding health care today in the retail pharmacy sector have