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Vishal Bhandari

Crowdsourced network design transforms logistics

Crowdsourced network design transforms logistics

A perfect storm is brewing for drug retailers’ supply chain managers, third-party logistics suppliers (3PLs) and the carriers they work with. After U.S. logistics costs declined 1.5% in 2016, the first half of 2017 was flat due to lingering overcapacity and rate pressures that had shippers asking for — and still getting — rate reductions.

Does a direct delivery model threaten Rx?

Are we seeing the first early “green shoots” of a new industry disruptor? Possibly. Big Pharma has started experimenting with direct-to-consumer models to fill prescriptions, effectively circumventing the retail pharmacy. Is the position of neighborhood pharmacies in today’s delivery system secure, or could the pharmacy suffer the same fate as the corner bookstore, replaced by