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Mobile devices back drive for health, wellness

Mobile devices back drive for health, wellness

The mobile experience, including both websites and apps, can play a prominent role for those tracking their fitness and wellness, managing multiple medications, and/or managing an illness or chronic condition. According to Pew Research Center, nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone. Most smartphone owners have the device with them constantly, and they expect to

Chain drug stores can flourish in omnichannel world

As if the obvious needed to be stated, the period of slow, evolutionary change in the retailing environment for drug, food and convenience items is long over. The arrival of pure-play e-commerce companies to food, drug and beauty retailing marked the end of evolutionary and the beginning of truly explosive revolutionary change. The battlefield is

Chains need to go beyond multichannel, omnichannel

Many retailers today are immersed in building multichannel capabilities. The multichannel wave has led to many good initiatives, making it easier for customers to interact with retailers across distinct channels, including fast-growing mobile channels. For example, A.T. Kearney’s Future Role of Stores research indicates that although 92% of retail sales still occur via traditional channels,